An Ancient Prophecy; A New Generation

                               The Objective


Hello all,

My name is TriqqyBird and I am an aspiring screenwriter from Ontario. I am a huge fan of the supernatural series 'Charmed' which ran on the WB from 1998-2006. I have a spin-off concept prepared for viewing with the working title of 'Triquetra' and I'm trying to garner a lot of attention to get into contact with either Brad Kern (executive producer/writer/director/ and show runner of 'Charmed' from it's beginning to end) or Constance M. Burge (creator of the series, producer /writer from 1998-2001). Now, I already have a basic outline of the show's concept and character charts written up as well as analyses of the difference of 'Charmed' and 'Triquetra' both in and out of universe. Also, i've already started writing the script for a pilot so I have my idea firmly planted as of now. All I'm asking for is your feedback and support. I plan on initiating a Facebook page dedicated to the idea

I know that there's already a campaign by a few 'Charmed' fans concerning the two sons of Piper Halliwell, Chris and Wyatt, but my spinoff idea is vastly different and, I would say at least, a little bit more original. You can visit their site at if you want. Decide for yourself if you like that idea or mine or neither, it's fine with me.

Well that's all for now, thanks for visiting! :)


-Malcolm Mandela Cox



                             The Triquetra Concept: 

In late 2008 Phoebe Halliwell exposed the world to witchcraft when she used her magic to murder Baseball player Cal Greene in an act of vengeance for him killing someone she loved. For her crime, Phoebe is burnt at the stake. 'Triquetra' would take place 16 years after the events of that ‘Charmed’ episode (2-02 ‘Morality Bites’) in a divergent reality than that of the original "Charmiverse." Hammer, the government military organization of witch hunters, hunts down, captures, and destroys that which they believe is the “wiccan threat.” Melinda Halliwell-Wyatt is an agent of  Haven and works to protect the innocents from evil and the witches from the ‘innocent’ (i.e. the mortals who fear them/ witch hunters). Meanwhile Warren Patrick Jacobsen is busy attempting to hide his growing prophetic visions from his friends and family although he doesn’t know that his father is keeping a big secret from him. Also, from a military base off the San Franciscan coast on the island once known as Alcatraz, a young experiment deemed nothing other than PH-383 escapes into the world. Events unfold and these three witches are brought together literally by destiny to fulfill the mantle of ‘Charmed Ones’ that the Halliwell Sisters before them could not complete.

                                          Brief Character List


Main Characters-


Melinda Penelope Halliwell-Wyatt: Only daughter of Piper Halliwell and missing whitelighter Leo Wyatt; she is the true wielder of the famed sword Excalibur. In 2015 her mother was exposed as a witch and instead of going into hiding, she decided to send Melinda to live with her estranged Aunt Prue. Melinda lived and learned with Prue until she was seventeen when her Aunt Prue died of a heart attack. She was then approached by Gideon, the elder of Witch Haven (formerly Magic School), and offered a place to stay despite the fact that she was the sole heir to the Buckland Auction House Company and Fortune left to her by Prue. Melinda obliged and gave away the company and the fortune. Strong willed and smart, she’s a powerful witch, though stubborn and reckless at times. She possesses the powers of telekinesis, orbing, and glamouring.


Warren Patrick Jacobsen: The Lost Halliwell son and 15 year old high school student. New to the craft, he has a powerful premonition ability that he struggles to not let his friends and parents, especially his father, know about. He’s fearful of his power and of being a witch after growing up his whole life with society and his father, Richard, condemning them as evil abominations.


PH-383: One of many experiments created by Hammer using the DNA of magical beings, 383 is a woman created from the DNA of Piper Halliwell after she was exposed as a witch in the year 2015 and taken to Alcatraz. Meant to be a weapon of Hammer, 383 is one of the few replicants to come out nearly perfect except for her compulsion to help witches instead of hunting them. She is somewhat of a blank state, just learning human ways and is relatively ‘innocent’ in that she doesn’t know anything. She is unable to speak because Hammer created her without vocal chords. She escapes from Hammer’s Base Island and wanders around San Francisco until she runs into Melinda. PH-383 is a strong combatant due to years of training with Hammer; she possesses the ability to project blasts of cold air from her hands as well as intense waves of heat.


Gideon: One of the few Elders remaining on Earth, he is head of Haven, what used to be Magic School, a sanctuary for witches and other magical beings away from the persecution of the mortal world. He helps them train their abilities and if they wish, to bind their powers and become human.


Archer: Melinda’s lover, he’s half-witch and half demon. Clever, sarcastic, and supportive of ‘Mel’ he’s not allowed into Witch Haven because of his half-demon heritage and Gideon doesn’t even know about him. He often helps Melinda during battle with the forces of evil. He has the powers of shimmering, lightning, cloaking, reconstitution, and he can shapeshift into his demonic form, though he doesn’t do so often.


Click here for full Character Charts.



                                             Recent Scripts

Triquetra Ep.(1x01) 

As Wicca as They Come

Synopsis- In a world where witchcraft is punishable by death, Destiny puts into motion a military experiment's escape from the confines of her creators; a teen boy discovers his ability to look into the future but he may not like what he sees; and an arrogant sword-swinging warrioress learns that she's not the last of her family.


Triquetra Sneak Peek

 Ep. (1x02) Witch's Bro 

An Incubus gets his just desserts.




                                           Recent Poetry

To See the Future

Cassandra, Sybil, and Delphi
Impart your gifts upon my eyes.
What's soon to come
Bring to light
In form of visions pure;
Grant me now prescient sight
Let me see the future.

To Access another's Emotions

What lies within,
I draw without.
Your pleasures, pains;
Your shame and doubts.
Your heart and mind, I peer inside
And view the things, from sight, you hide.


 Whine, Bitch, Moan 

Whine, bitch, moan.
Whine, bitch, moan.
All you ever seem to do
Is whine, bitch, moan.
Don't act as if it isn't true;
You whine, bitch, moan.

I get we all have cloudy days,
But your rain clouds don't go away,
And if they do, you sit and stay
To wallow in puddles.

Whine, bitch, moan.
Whine, bitch, moan.
I am just trying to say
You whine, bitch, moan.
Each and ev'ry single day,
You whine, bitch, moan.

You spend so much time obsessing
Over things; you're so depressing;
I suggest you try repressing
Such things to yourself.

'Cause, honestly, I do not care
If life is tough and isn't fair,
For of these things I'm well aware,
And you don't need to tell me.

But seriously,

Whine, bitch, moan.
You whine, bitch, moan.
All you ever seem to do
Is whine, bitch, moan.

Sit back, relax and keep in mind
That life's a douche, yet sometime's kind
And bad things happen from time to time
But there's no need to dwell.

For good things happen too.
Next good thing, know what I'll do?
Enjoy it.
And so should you.



Innocent Freedom, Wisest Misery 

All Mediocre minds dismiss
The things not understood;
Ignorance lives in pure Bliss,
Viewing only the Good.

The Optimist could never see
The dark side eye to eye;
And never from his lungs does flee
A Grunt Groan Gasp or Sigh.


Above Average minds embrace
The things they comprehend;
Living life Sans Bliss or Grace,
Viewing the Evils within.

The Pessimist could never See
The bright side eye to eye,
And on his breath will always be
A Grunt Groan Gasp or Sigh.

Like Falling Grains of Sand

Like falling grains of sand, our lives do pass
Just as the flowing river rushes by;

Never was it to be for us to last,

Hearts stop beating, lungs stop breathing, we die.

For it is time that wears the flesh, the bone,
And the mind is also slowed and maddened;

It is this one fact that is truly known,

The fact that all is doomed, destined to end.

But this truth is what makes life worth living
For anticipation, in part, gives breath;
For it is this fear of it that's life-giving;

For life would never be life without death.

So from this world to the next we ascend,
We must acknowledge that which is the end.


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