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Where I post my poetry/spells/script samples. Any 'spells' and demon references of demons that were already seen in the Charmed show are separate from continuity but I've put links to on them.

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As Wicca as They Come: Triquetra Pilot

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Triquetra Ep.(1x01) - As Wicca as They Come (link)

Synopsis- In a world where witchcraft is punishable by death, Destiny puts into motion a military experiment's escape from the confines of her creators; a teen boy discovers his ability to look into the future but he may not like what he sees; and an arrogant sword-swinging warrioress learns that she's not the last of her family.

Ep. 2 Sneak Peek- Triquetra (1x02) Witch's Bro

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Triquetra Sneak Peek- Ep. (1x02) Witch's Bro (link)



An Incubus gets his just desserts.

Angel of Death

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In Charmed The Angel of Death, often just called Death, is an ancient, powerful being that is neither good nor evil, simply neutral, and his job is to keep the cosmic balance level.

He claims the souls of those who died and takes them to the afterlife. It is useless to fight him as he can't be destroyed for there is always death, there is only life because of death. The Angel of Death cannot be stopped and never gives up a claim. The only way to change the fate of one destined to die is to make a plea to the Angel of Destiny.

An Angel of Death as in Charmed

To Summon the Angel of Death

Through day and night,
Create a breach;
Past dark and light,
Extend our reach.
Though we've not felt our final breath
We summon now the Angel of Death.

Angels of Destiny

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In Charmed the Angels of Destiny are the protectors and overseers of all Destinies who maintain the Grand Design, ensuring that no one alters it unnaturally. They are portrayed as ethereal, graceful magical beings of the highest rank. They are above the Elders in the hierarchy of good. They are more powerful than the Angel of Death, Elders and Avatars.

An Angel of Destiny seen in Charmed.

To Summon And Angel of Destiny:

Being beyond space and time
Hear my call
Hear my cries.
I call to thee
I summon thee
Angel of Fate
And Destiny.

Whine, Bitch, Moan

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Whine, bitch, moan.

Whine, bitch, moan.
Whine, bitch, moan.
All you ever seem to do
Is whine, bitch, moan.
Don't act as if it isn't true;
You whine, bitch, moan.

I get we all have cloudy days
But your rain clouds don't go away,
And if they do, you sit and stay
To wallow in puddles.

Whine, bitch, moan.
Whine, bitch, moan.
I am just trying to say
You whine, bitch, moan.
Each and ev'ry single day,
You whine, bitch, moan.

You spend so much time obsessing
Over things; you're so depressing;
I suggest you try repressing
Such things to yourself.

'Cause, honestly, I do not care
If life is tough and isn't fair,
For of these things I'm well aware,
And you don't need to tell me.

But seriously,

Whine, bitch, moan.
You whine, bitch, moan.
All you ever seem to do
Is whine, bitch, moan.

Sit back, relax and keep in mind
That life's a douche, yet sometime's kind
And bad things happen from time to time
But there's no need to dwell.

For good things happen too.
Next good thing, know what I'll do?
Enjoy it.
And so should you.

To Remove an Invading Spirit

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This innocent's face
With evil within;
This mortal has fallen to a possession.
Cleanse the body of the intrusion that offends
And bring that spirit to a quick end.

To Turn Another to Dust

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Beat of the heart;
Blink of the eye;
Feel eternity pass you by.

The victim will be reduced to bones and then ashes.

Like Falling Grains of Sand

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Like Falling Grains of Sand

Like falling grains of sand, our lives do pass

Just as the flowing river rushes by;

Never was it to be for us to last,

Hearts stop beating, lungs stop breathing, we die.

For it is time that wears the flesh, the bone,

And the mind is also slowed and maddened;

It is this one fact that is truly known,

The fact that all is doomed, destined to end.

But this truth is what makes life worth living

For anticipation, in part, gives breath;

For it is this fear of it that's life-giving;

For life would never be life without death.

So from this world to the next we ascend,

We must acknowledge that which is the end.

Comedic Distraction

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My lips are bound,

My tongue is tied,

I'll never say

What lies inside.

All in my heart

Is blocked by mind;

The truths of me

You'll never find.

To ensure soul is never heard

I'll mask it with some funny words.

I'll make you laugh of something else

To avoid speaking about myself.


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Diff'rent cultures, Diff'rent ways
Diff'rent backgrounds, Diff'rent shades
Diff'rent people, all the same

Fearing diff'rence, what a shame.

The Tale of Elle

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Listen to this tale I say
Of a once poor girl named Elle.
She was quite fat,
With twenty cats,
And for a jackass she had fell.

She questioned him ev’ry day
To see if he had desired
A marriage bind
Yet she did find
A change in herself required.

“Will you marry me, my sweet?”
“Never, you cow, I will not;
You’re poor and fat
With twenty cats
Plus halitosis you have got.”

Upon his words, she let loose
Her cats to man and child
Well some she sold,
To young and old
With others left in the wild.

“Could we be wed now, my dear?”
“Never, you dog, we will not;
You’re poor and fat
Yet gone, your cats
Still, halitosis, you have got.”

She exercised night and day,
In hopes the wait would abate
She worked real fast
And then, at last
She had reached a thinner weight.

“Will you wed me now, pumpkin?”
“Never, you hen, I will not,
Though fat no more,
You are still poor
And halitosis you have got.

The in time, her pa did die,
And granted to her, some coin.
So now it be
She had money
And the upper class she could join.

“Shall we marry now, cupcake?”
“Yes, my hon, we shall for real
You’ve gained some wealth,
And perfect health,
The halitosis I will deal.”

“Why would I want your love?” she asked,
As her sense came back to mind

“There is a mate
To tolerate
My bad breath and him I will find.”

“Why can’t we marry?” asked he
Confusion he did express

“Easy,” she said
“Why would I wed
The least when I could have the best?”


Precognition Spell

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To See the Future

Cassandra, Sybil, and Delphi
Impart your gifts upon my eyes.
What's soon to come
Bring to light
In form of visions pure;
Grant me now prescient sight
Let me see the future.

To Connect Minds and its reversal

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To Connect Minds:

I think our thoughts
My thoughts we think
Create a connection,
Create a link.
Let mine be yours
And yours be mine
And bridge as one
Our hearts and minds.

To Disconnect Minds:

I think my thoughts
Your thoughts you think
Break the connection
Let fade the link.
What's yours is yours
What's mine is mine
Let's rest ourselves
In our own minds.

What Pathetic Lies

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Oh what pathetic lies

We humans tell

Just to ease our mortal souls.

That we'll achieve

Our greatest dreams

And reach our highest goals.

Oh what facetious hopes

We humans have

And our foolish hearts maintain;

The hopes of life,

The hopes of love,

The hopes of wealth and fame.

Oh what unnerving truth

We all ignore

But the world has shown us each.

We shouldn't put

Our goals so high

That they are out of reach.

Ignorance Is Bliss

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How great it must be to live in ignorance

Pure Bliss, eternal innocence

No cares or worries, duties or tasks

To live in the present

And forget the past.

How great it must be to be naive

Set firmly in youth

Never having to leave

Never having to grow up

Living life as a child

Never experiencing the hard

Only the mild

Oh How great it must be to live life carefree

No purposeful duties yet never to see

No reason or rhyme to why they exist

A person forever in darkness

Oh how great it must be to live in ignorance

to be naive

And live carefree.

Yet not to matter, not of worth,

To learn nothing with nothing to see.

Oh how great it is to have some knowledge.

To learn something, everything to see.

Oh how great it is to be.

The Problem with Age

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When you're young,
You're sprite and spring;
But no one listens,
For you know nothing.

When you've aged,
You're wise and kind;
But who listens to
A faded mind?

Discouraging Eros

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Seraph of the Bow
Shooting hearts with your arrows,
But from their points I guard my coeur
Sans amour forever more.
In your victims you infuse
Affinities but I refuse
To fall upon your arrows' ends
Against your pricks I shall defend
I do not wish to feel this "love"
Cursed down from up above
So heed my words Venusian Child
This mortal heart you can't beguile
To feel emotion anchored by trust
For it desires only pure lust
So my request, yes firm, but just,
Shall always be a focused must.

Innocent Freedom; Wisest Misery

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All Mediocre minds dismiss
The things not understood;
Ignorance lives in pure Bliss,
Viewing only the Good.

The Optimist could never see
The dark side eye to eye;
And never from his lungs does flee
A Grunt Groan Gasp or Sigh.

Above Average minds embrace
The things they comprehend;
Living life Sans Bliss or Grace,
Viewing the Evils within.

The Pessimist could never See
The bright side eye to eye,
And on his breath will always be
A Grunt Groan Gasp or Sigh.

To Access Another's Emotions

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What lies within,
I draw without.
Your pleasures, pains;
Your shame and doubts.
Your heart and mind, I peer inside
And view the things, from sight, you hide.

To Summon a Spirit

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Spirit from the other side
Hear these words
Heed my cry
Five burning candles is the sign
Come into my circle
I invite you inside.


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