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The Mind's a Funny Flame

Posted by TriqqyBird on March 26, 2011 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

The mind's a funny flame,
That requires lots of food;
Read, write, feed your flame
Or else it's gone for good.

To Send a Message

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To Send a Message

Write a message on a piece of paper and then burn it in a candle's flame. The reciever of the message will hear written words as if they were spoken.

Send these words through the air,
Traveling from here to there;
Let my friend at moment hear
This message sent to his ear.


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In ancient Greecian times the Gorgons were three very proud and vain but good witches each with the power to turn others into statues. They fought demons and warlocks and other evils, but they let the power go to their heads. They offered protection to their subjects as long as they were given worship and gifts in exchange. It grew to the point that the Gorgons started to usurp the power of the Greek Gods, declaring themselves better and more beautiful. As punishment, Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera transformed the sisters so that they would never be able to view themselves in a mirror lest they be turned into stone. The sisters grew to have hideous faces and snakes for hair. In modern times Gorgons are vigilante beasts that, like the furies, punishes evil's as it suits them. Though they may appear hideous, Gorgons crave worship and recognition. If a prideful witch is bit by one of the Gorgon's snakes, they in turn will become a Gorgon.

Gorgons have the power to petrify. To reverse such power:

Spirits on High
I call on you
To gather here
And help undo
That which wrought
This witch in stone
Revive her now
As flesh and bone.

To Fireproof Skin

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Fire dances, fire leaps,
Intense burning, intense heat.
Protect me from the hurt and pain
Cold to touch, a fire's flame.

To Regain Memories

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Something's not right,
Something is wrong,
And something from my head is gone.
Refill the blanks inside my mind;
Let me recall the missing time.



Mnemosyne, The Greek Diety of Memory

To Silence

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Stop the words which flow from mind,
Articulations you can’t find
By these words, your tongue I bind.

Rambling Curse

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Precautions to the wind
May your words take no heed,
Instill in heart and head
An everlasting need
To divulge thoughts and such
Whether mean or kind.
Vomit forth what you think
From now ‘til end of time.

To Give Speech

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What a beautiful gift is the voice,
There's so much power within the spoken word.
Whether speaking their mind,
Or making a choice,
Let the voice of this person be heard.

Thoth, an Egyptian diety of speech and words.

Some Good Advice

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Remember ladies:

Put a lock on your pocket,
If there's no sock on his rocket.

Destroy a Nexus

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A Spiritual Nexus, often just referred to as the Nexus, is a point of incredible energy, a place of untold power, equidistant from the five mystical (or wiccan) elements; earth, fire, wood, water and metal. Usually located at the center of a pentagram formed by these elements, it can be swayed either way; it could be either a force of undeniable good or a force of undeniable evil, since the symbol of the pentagram applied to both sides of good and evil. There is a Spiritual Nexus specifically located beneath the Halliwell manor, in the basement, and holds a powerful, corruptive demon whom Phoebe nicknamed the "Woogyman," prisoner. Prue and Piper discovered that the Spiritual Nexus beneath their manor was not just any Spiritual Nexus, but a Wiccan one as well, meaning that it was actually a battleground for good and evil, and that their ancestors had built the house at that particular location to reclaim the incredible power of the Nexus for good.


In the Halliwell's Book of Shadows there was a spell titled "To Banish a Suxen" placed their by the Elders a long time ago in case the Nexus ever became corrupt by evil. In the 'Triquetra' alternate future the shadow eventually escapes yet again from his prison and takes over the Nexus and the Halliwell Manor. He begins to spread evil and Prescott Street becomes the worst ghetto in all of San Franscisco. The Book of Shadows is lost, possibly destroyed, in the 'Triquetra' future but the Charmed Ones have been reconstructed. Gideon writes a new spell and gives it to Melinda, Warren, and PH-383 to go to the manor, stand over the Nexus and destroy the Nexus once and for all.


To Destroy a Nexus


Fire, water, earth, wood and metal,
Five equal points of nature borne;
Fold the forces unto their selves
Focus their essences in this place no more.
In this hour, void its power
Destroy this center, destroy this core!

To Call on Cupid

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A spell to call on a cupid to help you find love.
Required: A drop of blood leading from a vein straight from the heart, a piece of paper and a red candle.
Ritual: Place drop of blood in the center of the paper, fold the paper into fourths. Recite the spell below and then burn the piece of paper in the candle's flame.



Stil the hand which wavers
Remove the cloth which blinds;
Cupid grant me favor
My true love help me find.

Succubii and Incubii

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An Incubus (pl. Incubii) is the male counterpart to the Succubus. Demons of lust Incubii work at luring and impregnating virgin women with their demonic spawn. To vanquish an incubus, simply chant:

Incubus that feels the need,
To fill virgins with demon seed,
I draw your endless day to dusk
Wither now and fall to dust.


Similarly, a succubus works at draining men of all their seed and hormones and impregenating themselves with half-human spawn.
To vanquish a Succubus:

Demon of lust
Your endless day now comes to dusk
Wither now and fall to dust.

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