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Posted by TriqqyBird on March 1, 2011 at 11:57 AM

1. The Pilot Episode (entitled 'Nothing Charmed About It')would deal with PH-383 escaping from Hammer Island with the help of an Angel named fa-Tal. Elsewhere, Warren receives his first premonitions. Melinda learns from fa-Tal that she has siblings and they are to reconstruct the Power of Three.

2. The Second Episode ('Witch's Bro') would center around Melinda going to see her borther for the first time in over ten years and discovering that he is the target for two Assassin Demons named Cyanis and Rubia. She must save him before he's killed. Two of Warren's friends are killed which prompt him to ask Melinda never to come see him again.

3. The Third Episode ('We've Got Spirits, Yes We Do, We've Got Spirits and Voodoo') deals with A dark Voodoun Priestess targetting Warren at his school by using the spirits of his dead friends to haunt him. By the end of the episode Warren vanquishes the priestess unknowingly on camera and sets up the plot for:

4. The Fourth Episode ('Malleus Male f*ck 'em' [Subject to change]) The death of the Voodoo Priestess is investigated by the cops because she had taken the role of one of Warren's teachers. Hammer, The US's gov't's Witch hunting Initiative recovers the tape in which Warren vanquished her and he is hunted down for being a witch. by the end of the episode Warren is rejected by his father and step mother and is brought to Haven by Melinda and PH-383.

The episode after that I'm unclear as of yet but I know that somewhere around the eighth and ninth episodes I want them to finally reconstruct the Power of Three, the Charmed Ones in an episode entitled 'Charmed: Redux' and after that will be an episode where they return to the old Halliwell Home which is now considered a Haunted House because of the Shadow Demon within it. That episode I plan on Calling either 'Mind Your Manor' or 'Home Insecurity.' And the final episode I have in mind will be one where Gideon decides that Melinda and Warren have to give their a sister a proper name other than 'PH-383' this episode will be a flashback episode in which Melinda recounts to Warren the events surrounding the Charmed Episode 'Morality Bites.' (2x02)

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