An Ancient Prophecy; A New Generation

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Main Characters: 


Name: Melinda Penelope Halliwell-Wyatt

Age: 23

Status:    Half-Witch/Half -Whitelighter   

Personality: Strong-willed, stubborn, and opinionated like most Halliwell women, Melinda is very independent. She is somewhat conceited and prideful, traits of which Gideon warns. She has a hero and superiority complex which she doesn't hide. She represses her emotions in favor of sarcasm and she let's people know that she is the one in control.


Skills: She has a knack for learning new languages. She's fluent in three languages: English, French, and Japanese. Currently she is studying Spanish and German. She is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat because, while living with her Aunt Prue, Melinda took karate classes all the way to black belt. She's also a talented fencer which is apropriate given her being the true weilder of Excalibur.


Personal Effects: Her sword, Excalibur (it is apparently female and Melinda calls it "Cali"). She's quite protective about it and polishes it several times a week. She always wears a silver necklace with the triquetra pendant on it given to her by her Aunt Phoebe when she was four. She wears mostly dark colors, blacks, blues, purples, etc.


Powers: Due to being half-whitelighter, Melinda can orb (teleportation through bright white and blue lights) and glamour herself and others. From her witch side Melinda has the ability of telekinesis as her aunt had and often uses it to enhance her fighting abilities (ie. superstrength/levitation mimicry). She shares an almost empathic connection to her Excalibur.



Name: Warren Patrick Jacobsen

Age: 16

Status: Witch

Personality: Warren is very insecure due to feeling like he never lived up to his fathers expectations. This is worsened when Warren is revealed to be a witch and is taken into custody by Hammer. There he feels as if he has ultimately disappointed his dad. He constantly tries to prove himself to others he's quick to learn and quick on his feet but is overly critical of himself if he feels as if he's failed. He has a inferiority complex towards Melinda and PH-383 because of their natural combating and weaponry skills.

Skills: In school English and Literature were alwasy his strong point as well as art/drawing. He's a keen talent to for poetry and spell crafting and memorizing facts about demons. 

Personal Effects: A couple of sketch books.

Powers: Highly inuitive, Warren possess the power of premonition, brief visions of the future.


Name: PH-383

Age: Unknown

Status: Artificial Witch. 

Personality: New to the world, 383 is very much like a child but absorbs information like a sponge. Curious and adventurous, she has a natural inclination to explore and figure things out. Loves animals and is fiercely protective of her friends and family. She is somewhat compulsed to tasting things that may or may not be edible.

Skills: PH-383 seems to have been created with a natural fighting ability and weaponry talent. She has an incredibly precise memory.

Personal Effects: None.

Powers: Can produce intense blasts of frosty cold air that freezes things on contact. Also, she can generate intense waves of heat. She has increased resistance to fireballs. 



Name: Archer

Age: Looks 25ish

Status: Half-Witch/Half-Demon 

Personality: Clever and Sarcastic, Archer is Melinda's boyfriend and confidant outside of Haven's walls. He's supportive of her and her newfound siblings and is almost always around to help. Very secretive of his past, Melinda knows little of his life before they met. Due to being half-demon, Archer cannot enter Haven's grounds and Melinda knows Gideon won't approve of their relationship so Gideon knows nothing of Archer's existence.

Skills: Holds vast knowledge of Underworld and has many contacts in the magical world outside of Haven as he sometimes goes down there to spy.

Personal Effects: He has an apartment Somewhere in San Francisco. Everyone needs somewhere to live.

Powers: Can produce red-lightning bolts and can fade/teleport in red light. He also has the power to cloak and can shapeshift into his demonic form, though he doesn't do so often. He has increased strength and resistance in his demonic form.



Name: Gideon

Age: Ancient

Status: An Elder 

Personality: Gideon takes benefitting the Greater Good and preserving the Grand Design very seriously. He is quite hard on Melinda because he knows that she has so much potential and her utter lack of responsibilty and seriousness frustrates him to no end. He is centuries old and very knowledgeable of magic and magic kind. Back in 2000 a warlock by name of Eames desecrated the Whitelighter and Elder population to the point where there where there are less than thirty whitelighters left in the world and less than ten Elders. Being one of the few remaining Elders left in the world, Gideon rarely ever leaves Haven because Darklighters and other evils jump at the chance to vanquish another Elder.

Skills: Vast knowledge of magical beings.

Powers: Gideon has many abilities but is severely weakened due to there being less Elders than before. He can orb, heal others, throw lightning, sense the prescence of others, glamour his appearance, and has heightened intuition.



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