An Ancient Prophecy; A New Generation

                           How 'Triquetra' would differ from'Charmed.'




  1. Tonally the two shows would be different in that while ‘Charmed’ was a drama with a lot of light campy humor, ‘Triquetra’  would be somewhat darker and edgier but still would maintain humor just not as light.


  1. The themes would differ in that while ‘Charmed’ is more of a family drama, ‘Triquetra’ would be more of an action drama, plus it would be closer to the futuristic dystopian world seen in the tenth episode of the six season “Chris-Crossed.” This opens up venues in sci-fi, though not so much that the show turns into something akin to ‘Star Trek’ with witches.


  1. The characters aren’t expies of the original ‘Charmed’ characters. ‘Triquetra’ wouldn’t be about redoing, revamping, or recapturing the magic of ‘Charmed’ universe. The original series lasted eight years and had its own appropriate happy ending. ‘Triquetra’ is about creating something with its own substance that can stand alone aside from the original as its own series. Along with that come different problems and different characters to deal with those problems not recreation of plotlines and story arcs that have already occurred in the originally series. These characters will have new, different personalities and beliefs, different histories, they grew up in a different generation, and they’ve a separate view of magic and understanding of the supernatural. While ‘Charmed’ should serve to establish the foundation of ‘Triquetra’ it shouldn’t be a recreation of the ‘Charmed’ universe which is why I didn’t call the series “Charmed: The Next Generation” or something akin to such. 'Cause 1) It's been used 2) it sounds douchey 3) It's not Charmed-esque.



My overall point is that yes, there would and should be shout-outs and references to the original ‘Charmed’ mythos but overall it shouldn’t be a carbon copy.

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