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Concerning Piper and Leo 


Piper Halliwell a Charmed One and Whitelighter Leo Wyatt married in late 2000 during an eclipse. Piper gave birth to their first and only child Melinda Penelope Halliwell-Wyatt in May of 2003.

Though their daughter was conceived out of love, Piper and Leo separated when Melinda was five. Leo was frustrated by the Halliwell Sisters continual abuse of their magic, neglect of their Charmed duties,  and he disapproved of Piper teaching their daughter to "give people what they deserved." Piper was angry with Leo for never being around and for always orbing off to help others despite the fact that she wouldn't let him clip his wings for her.


In February of 2009 Piper's younger sister Phoebe Halliwell was burnt at the stake for murder. With Leo not around and Piper wanting some comfort for her grieving, she slept with Richard Jacobsen, a man who worked at one of her clubs. Finding herself pregnant, Piper rushed the divorce proceedings and agreed to marry Richard because they believed that the best option for their unborn child. Despite this, Piper was still very much in love with Leo but he kept orbing to the house, to see Melinda but also because he secretly wanted to spend some time with Piper. Eventually Piper uses a spell to ban Leo from the house entirely because his constant orbing in was a danger to Richard finding out about her magic, which she neglected to tell him.

"Leo Wyatt, my former love;

Whitelighter from the sky above.

He who orbs,

Out the door

Leave this place, return no more."

-Piper Halliwell.

After this Melinda never saw Leo again.






Piper and Richard Jacobsen


Piper's marriage to Richard was not a happy affair because the two just weren't right together; their personalities opposed but they stayed together for the sake of their child. They took up residence in the Halliwell Manor and on October 17th, 2009 the couple welcomed their one month early but healthy son, Warren Patrick Jacobsen.

Nearly six years later in June of 2015, Richard Jacobsen got a visit from an old high school friend of his who was really a demon in disguised. The demon attacked Piper when Richard wasn't present and she froze then vanquished him.

"Fireballs this demon throws

Right back at him, so it goes."

-Piper Halliwell


Unbeknownst to Piper, Richard had walked into the room and mistook her vanquishing the demon as her killing his friend. Richard fled, taking Warren with him and alerted Hammer, the government's with-hunting initiative and they came for her. With very little time left, Piper sent her daughter Melinda  to Paris to live with her estranged sister Prue. Just as her ancestor had done for her child Piper sacrificed herself to the hunters for her family's safety.


Melinda in Paris




In 2015, when Melinda was 12, her mother was exposed as a witch and she was sent to live with her estranged aunt in Paris, France. Prue Halliwell wasn't the best of parents. She was a workaholic and usually only saw Melinda a couple of times a week. She left Melinda with many nanies and au pairs and they had a very posh life, but melinda was Miserable. She became independent and rebellious, recklessly used her powers to mess with her nannies and she orbed all around the globe for hours if not days at a time before Prue finally found out and spelled her back home.

The day before Melinda's eighteenth birthday in 2020 Prue died from a stressed induced heart attack (she was having heart troubles as grams did way back in 1998). Melinda became the sole inheritor of the Buckland Auction House 33.3 million dollar fortune. On the day after her eighteenth birthday she was approached by one of the few remaining Elders, Gideon, who asked if she wanted to come to Haven (Formerly Magic School) and put a purpose to her life. After a day of thought Melinda agreed and signed away her fortune.


Melinda and Haven

 Melinda is welcomed all but friendly at Haven. Most of the witches there don't wish her to be around because her last name Halliwell is closely associated with the beginning of the modern witch trials. Many of the residents ignores, avoids, or make snide comments about her. Gideon discourages such behaivor and gets her situated in her own room. She tours the school on her own and ends up in Haven's garden where there is a group of people, mostly youg male witches, trying to pull a beautiful silver sword from a stone covered in moss.  A boy explains to her that the Lady of the Lake once came to Haven and asked if she could let the sword remain there until it's heir would come because demons were after her and the sword.

Melinda cuts to the front of the line despite protests and easily pulls the sword from the stone in front of the gasping crowd. The true heir of Excalibur is revealed and the group reluctantly bows to her. 

Melinda and Archer


A few weeks after coming to Haven, Melinda finds herself in some trouble. When confronting two Darklighters she ends up getting stuck with an arrow. A young man appears and comes to her aide vanquishing the darklighters with red lighting. he helps her up and says his name is Archer. He teleports them just outside Haven's walls telling her that he can't take her inside because he's half-demon so he isn't allowed inside. Over the next few years Melinda and Archer become good friends, occasional fighting partners and their relationship eventually evolves into something sexual.

                                               Where 'Triquetra' Begins

In 2025 a 22 year old Melinda ends up in a battle with a strange witch during which her sword is damaged. An Angel of Destiny comes to her and tells Melinda that the strange witch was related to her, they were practically sisters and that soon she'd be reunited with her younger half-brother Warren. Melinda, Warren and the strange witch have an opportunity to reconstruct the Power of Three and fulfill the destiny of the Charmed Ones which their mother, Piper Halliwell and her sisters had failed to complete a generation before.


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